About Us


Riaz Textile Mills Pvt.Ltd is a specialized denim yarn producing unit located near Lahore in the heart of Pakistan. Equipped with the most modern state of the art European and Japanese machinery. We have been supplying yarns to the leading denim producers all over the world. The company is a privately owned by the Riaz family. We use one of the best cotton in the world to produce yarns that have been satisfying our quality conscious customers for the last 19 years. Our brand Discovery is second to none in quality and has been placed among some of the top brands of the world. We lay a lot of stress in the selection of top quality cotton as we believe to produce a top quality products. The most important is the selection of materials. We are the only mill in the country that used 100% invista products (Elaspan and Lycra) only for our stretch yarns. We believe that there are two types of yarns produced in the world. Those produced at RIAZ and those not produced at Riaz.